2 Ways to Track iPhone by Phone Number

2 Ways to Track iPhone by Phone Number

How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online

How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online
How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online

Have you ever lost your iPhone? Are you worried about someone finding your telephone and then misusing the data stored on it? Then don’t worry because now there are certain ways which can help you locating your lost or stolen iPhone by monitoring the apparatus and you could also track iPhone by number or access the information stored on your device while it is not with you.

Knowing these ways can be helpful not just for now but also when you or someone you understand ever gets stuck in this dull problem. The best part is that there are various options available based on what information you have in hand, such as for example, you can track phone utilizing the services available in your device or you can also utilize other details like internet accounts or phone numbers. Read further to see what works for you.

– Part 1. The Common Way to Track iPhone by Phone Number Free
– Part 2. How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online
– Recommendation: The Best Service to Track iPhone Data Remotely

Part 1. The Common Way to Track iPhone by Phone Number Free

Part 1. The Common Way to Track iPhone by Phone Number Free
Part 1. The Common Way to Track iPhone by Phone Number Free

Are you wondering whether it is possible to monitor iPhone by amount? Is your iPhone lost or stolen and the only option left would be it attempt monitoring the device using the phone number? In the event that you or someone you know has developed at a similar situation then don’t worry because fortunately there are methods to track iPhone by amount. Moreover, there are ways which are completely free of any price as well and available on online resources for simple access to everybody.

But before you proceed to monitor your iPhone location using the contact number, first, try and find the phone using iOS’s very own phone tracking support, called the”Search my iPhone”. It is quite effective and will also be quicker and more successful. Only if you hadn’t enabled this choice (with this service) in your device, proceed to see further.

Among the greatest methods to track your cellphone using the phone number is using the Number Locator application which is a free tool which will help you find your iPhone from the telephone number. Follow the given steps to find your own iPhone using the Number Locator application.

Step 1: Simply open the application and then enter the contact number in the Search box.

Step 2: You will have the ability to see the telephone located on the map using a pin-marker.

This program is a completely free tool and you might also acquire extra features at an extra cost. However, even with the limited features, it is fast, simple and effective in its function.

Part 2. How to Track iPhone by Phone Number Online

There are some ways available online which aids individuals in tracking their iPhones (and other devices) with the phone number and nothing else. These online options are extremely easy to use, fast and hassle-free. It’s possible to find several such online websites and tools that provide.

– Track a telephone place by the phone number using GPS.
– Total safety and security of the contact number and apparatus.
– In most cases they offer free service to users of all devices.
– Online accessibility i.e. no requirement to download any tool or application.

One such tool is the GPS CellPhone Locator that’s a website that can help monitor iPhone by amount for you and also provides the identical support for Android, Windows and Mac systems. It’s database of almost all countries and, thus, you can run it from anywhere in the world with no worries. It is totally online and works without any downloads. You may find this instrument online at and track your mobile phone.

Recommendation: The Best Service to Track iPhone Activities Remotely

Aside from attempting to track iPhone by phone number, in addition, there are some manners and methods that you should adopt to effectively access your information stored on your iPhone and shield it from being misused by anyone. One of the very useful recommendations, in this situation, is your FreePhoneTracker applications (or can be called as an instrument ) which aids in accessing information stored on your apparatus.

Why Pick This iPhone Activities Tracker:

The tool makes it simple, easy and quick to track and access 29+ data types.
Not just calls and messages, but, you may also track browser reminders and history.
The device may also be located by monitoring the GPS area of the iPhone.
The program is totally compatible with nearly all browsers and devices.

Step by Step Guide on How to Track iPhone Activities

FreePhoneTracker poses as the easiest solution to your nervousness, in the event of lost or stolen iPhone. Read further to know how you can track iPhone information or access information whenever you desire.

Step 1: Sign up for an Account with FreePhoneTracker

Primarily, you need to make an account with FreePhoneTracker by visiting their site (or application ) and filling in details like email address. Then set a password for the account to secure it. Click”Subscribe” to successfully create your account.

Step 2: Confirm Your iCloud Account

You will need to verify your iCloud account and provide the”Name of the target device’s owner” and”Age of the target device’s owner”. Confirm the iCloud ID. Click”Verify”.

Notice: The iOS device should have triggered the iCloud syncing and backup alternative in order to accurately monitor the data using FreePhoneTracker.

Step 3: Monitor iPhone Tasks

After verification of iCloud ID, you will get access to the control panel and the data on the devices and the app is going to be synced; you can now access your data and readily track the apparatus as well. If the iOS apparatus is OFF then the information can’t be upgraded on FreePhoneTracker.

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You can even recommend this tool or software to android phone/device users. The FreePhoneTracker comes with the exact same robust features for android apparatus too and provides a seamless experience in helping users to get more than 29+ data types like contacts, browser history, calls, messages, reminders, and event calendars among other things.


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