FreeMobileTracker: #1 Best Free Mobile Tracker App

A mobile tracker app can help you monitor the activities on the target device. It will help you find what your child is doing with their phone, even if you don’t use it.

These apps allow you to the tracker on anything typed on the target device, including emails, text messages, chats, and passwords. In addition, some apps will alert you when specific keywords.

Using a mobile tracker app is a lot easier than it used to be. These apps have become so popular that anyone can easily use them. Most mobile tracker apps are easy to install and remove.

You can even monitor a person’s internet activity. These tools can help you find out what your child is up to without them knowing about it.

Having the right tracker app can be very useful in many situations. You can monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, phone calls, and social media messages. Moreover, you can even see GPS locations and browse activity.

You can also monitor your partner’s social media accounts to find out what your kids are doing on the internet. It is a must-have if you are a parent and want to keep your kids safe.

However, not all tracking apps offer the same benefits. If you want accurate tracking results, use the best mobile tracker apps in the market. You can use FreeMobileTracker app. It is the number 1 best free mobile tracker app. With this app, you can easily track on any type of phone for free.

What Is FreeMobileTracker App?

FreeMobileTracker App
FreeMobileTracker App

The most popular tracker app available today is called the FreeMobileTracker app. This free app is loaded with many features and is a great budget option. It can read text messages, view call history, track location, and view photos and videos.

It also allows you to monitor the person’s location and use other social media apps. This application is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Although it requires administrator rights to operate, it is worth the price to check out the features it offers.

The best thing about this tracker app is that it helps you with free tracking. You don’t need to make any payment to use this app. It is available for free. You don’t even have to enter your card details. Anyone can use the app for free.

You can use this app to track all the different types of smartphones. This app is compatible with all. It will help you to track all the iOS devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad. You can use this app to track android devices, i.e. android phones and tablets.

This tracker app is undetectable and helps you in secret tracking. If you want to track on someone’s phone without them knowing, you can use this app. It will help you to easily track all the phone activities. The app remains hidden in the phone and works in the background. It is extremely discreet.

On top of that, you will get many tracking features with this app. You will get a call tracker, text message tracker, GPS location tracker, browsing history, multimedia tracker, WhatsApp tracker, Viber tracker, Facebook tracker, and many other features. You can use this app to trace call logs, text messages, phone locations, and all the other activities.

This tracker app is very simple and easy to use. You can easily use it as the tracker on the phone. It will give you accurate phone tracking results. The app is very easy to install. You can even enjoy the remote installation on iOS devices. It will help you to easily use the app.

Features of FreeMobileTracker

This tracker app comes with various features. If you use this app for tracking a phone, you will get many free features. Here are some features you can use with this app.

Call Tracker

This feature helps you to track all the call logs on the phone. You can use this feature to check all the calling details. It will help you to check the type of call, call duration, and other calling details.

Text Message Tracker

You can use this feature to track all the text messages on the phone. You can use it to read all the incoming as well as outgoing messages. Moreover, you can check the message body and message media as well.

GPS Location Tracker

To trace the location of the phone, you can use this feature. It helps you to track the live location as well as the past location of the phone. You will get complete location details with this feature.

WhatsApp Tracker

You can use this feature if you want to track all the WhatsApp activities on the phone. It helps you to read all the chats and check all the media and call logs.


This feature helps you to check all the keystrokes on the phone. You will be able to see everything the person is typing on the phone. It will help you to read all the messages and check passwords.

Social Media Tracker

If you want to track the social media apps on the phone, you can use this feature. It helps you to track all the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat as well as Twitter activities for free.

How to Install Free Mobile Tracker App?

Install Free Mobile Tracker App
Install Free Mobile Tracker App

To use FreeMobileTracker, you need to install it on the phone. You have to follow the installation process as per the type of phone. The android phone needs manual installation, whereas iPhone needs remote installation. Once the installation is complete, you can easily track it on the phone. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to install this app.

Step 1: Android Setup

If you are tracking an android device, here are the steps you need to follow. You need to download and install the app on the phone. Go to the site and download the APK file on the phone. You also need to install the app. On an Android phone, you need to manually install the app.

Step 2: Register

If you want to install the app, you need to create a tracking account. You need to use the register option to create your account. This account will help you to track the phone.

Step 3: Log in

After the installation, you need to log in to the account to track the phone. The login option is available on the website. Once you reach the account, you can use any of the options to track the phone.

Why Need FreeMobileTracker?

Here are some reasons why you need to use FreeMobileTracker. This app is free to use and will help you to easily track android and iOS devices.

Parental Control

Parental control is an important tool for preventing your kids from doing anything inappropriate on the internet. There are many different ways to track your child’s activities online. You can use this app for parental control. It has several features that can help you keep an eye on your child’s activity. It allows you to keep track of your child’s activity remotely. The program is designed to be undetectable to your child. You can use it to track your child’s phone location, call logs, text messages, social media, and browsing history.

Employee Monitoring

There are several ways to track employees, including tracking the websites they visit and the messages they send and receive. However, the most common and popular way to monitor employees is through an app. This software helps employers keep track of their employees and determine how they spend their time. With this app, you can track your employee’s phone location, call logs, text messages, and many other activities. This can help you catch employees who are secretly sending money or chatting with other employees.

Catch Cheating Spouse

If you want to catch your cheating spouse, you can use this app. There are many reasons to suspect your spouse of infidelity, and a FreeMobileTracker is a great way to catch your partner red-handed. With this app, you can easily track their text messages, social media conversations as well as phone location. If your partner is really cheating on you, this app will help you catch them in the act.

Find Lost Phone

Apart from tracking your child’s and partner’s phone, you can also use this app to find a lost phone. This app comes with a GPS location tracker feature. With this feature, you will be able to track the phone location in real-time. It will help you to find your lost or stolen phone.


FreeMobileTracker can use this app to track different types of phones for free. It will help you in parental control, catch a cheating spouse and monitor your employee’s phone. You will get many tracking features with this app. All the features are free to use. If you want to track someone’s phone secretly, you can use this app.